The Autistic Captioner

Photo of a person wearing a pair of dark denim jeans and a pair of red Converse-style shoes with white laces.  There is a light brown and yellow rug in the background with various geometric shapes.

Hello! My name is Rose. I am 40 years old, autistic, multiply disabled/neurodivergent, queer and Jewish. I am also the parent of two fantastic teenagers. My pronouns are they/them.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in religion. I am a freelance captioner and transcriptionist. I do not provide live captions/transcripts, though I do hope to do so in the future. Please feel free to ask for a sample of my work by contacting me at any of the links below.

Services prices sheet. Prices are per audio output minute. Standard transcription, $1, rush transcription, $1.50, standard closed captioning, $1.50, rush closed captioning, $2.00. 99% accuracy guaranteed

Transcripts will be delivered in .txt format, and captions will be delivered in .srt format, unless otherwise requested.

Blog posts

Autism Every Day Transcript

“Autism Everyday” Video transcript. Video opens to soft music, and various children making a variety of noises of frustration and distress, from crying to babbling, to screaming. Danson’s Mom: Hey, Danson, Danson! Jackson’s Dad: If you eat that piece of chicken… Christian’s Mom: No hair pulling. Music changes to soft, somber music as the titleContinue reading “Autism Every Day Transcript”

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